The Happiest Little Humbug

It's nearly October.

9/12 months are nearly up, and I haven't read half the stuff I wanted to, nor have I learned how to ride a unicycle, so I'm having mixed feelings. Either way, I have found the happiest looking hedgehog in the world. Please enjoy this as we say goodbye to September. *waves*



    HE'S SOOOOO CUTE!!! I just want to hold this little guy and snuggle him!

    ~The Unstoppable Child

  2. Just because I'm saying goodbye to September doesn't mean I have to say goodbye to hedgehogs, right?

    1. Of course not! And to prove it, I shall give you this invisible hedgehog to call your very own.

  3. Oh my freaking gosh, how cute!!!! ❤

    1. I just want to hold him and squeeze him!


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