Get To Know Your Blogger

Between all of the various get to know you posts, I'm sure there are still things that you probably don't know about me, or never thought to ask.

In honor of my soon-to-be 2nd blogaversary, I'll be taking a survey on what question you'd like me to answer in that post. I'll stick a list of questions in this post, and the poll will be on the right-hand side of the screen sometime today. Go ahead and vote for just one, or all of them if it suits your fancy.

The questions:

1.) Who was my very first crush? (NOTE: I'm not allowed to use a pseudonym. I have to use their real name.)

2.) What was the book that got me hooked on reading?

3.) Most embarrassing thing I did as a kid?

4.) What is the weirdest thing I've ever eaten?

There we have it! Four somewhat interesting questions that you can chose from! Have fun, and we will see the results on my blogaversary!


  1. I choose all the questions. (Tries not to drool) ;P

    1. The poll should be up, so vote away!

    2. Voted!

      I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you want to take a peek. Up to you. ;)

    3. Huzzah!

      I'll give it a look-see and then decide. (:

  2. Will you do a long post, or just a blurb of the answers? Just wondering... now I really must start voting! :)

    1. I'll be doing a long-ish post just like I do for my usual anniversary posts, but there'll be a little blurb in there with the answer to the one that won the poll! (:


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