Quirks From the Vault

As a writer, I'm inclined to be odd. Most of us are.

I also have a few little quirks that I do when writing, so we're going to dig those quirks out of my Vault of Weirdness and see what pops up.

Quirk #1:

When starting a story, I'll start with a very very basic little writing prompt in my head. A sort of bare necessities beginning plot line. It's almost impossible for me to start any other way. Without inspiration, it's like I'm scrambling for random thoughts to put into the story.

Quirk #2:

Even if I don't use it, I give almost all of my characters last names. It helps me to see them as a person, and not just a name. (It also helps to organize who's who if I have characters with the same first names.)

Quirk #3:

If I don't write down a new plot idea, it's forgotten and missed dearly. WRITE DOWN YOUR PLOT IDEAS!

Quirk #4:

When I'm in the "zone" of writing, I will not move from the spot I'm sitting until I've got my ideas down on paper. Some people write in strange positions, such as sprawled on the floor or standing on their heads, but I prefer sitting in a normal chair with my obnoxiously straight posture kicking in.

Quirk #4:

I don't like eating while I write. It seems to make me think about food too much and distracts me from the dramatic scene I'm trying to portray. I've had it once where Cheetos accidentally found their way into my scene.

Quirk #5:

When I'm not sure what to write, either my fingers do a little hover/dance above the keyboard, or I have my characters begin to banter back and forth through dialogue. The latter sometimes helps.

There we have it. Some random quirks from my Vault of Weirdness!

What are your random writing quirks?


  1. Number 3 applies to me.
    My writing quirks... um... well, yesterday, I got two amazing ideas and for each one, I suddenly stopped what I was doing, got an expression of understanding, and said "Oh, oh, oh!" Then I wrote them down. I startled my sister the first time. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Haha, startling a sibling is nothing compared to the agony of forgetting an idea. (:

  2. I LIKE your vault of weirdness!

  3. I always write in really awkward poses when I suddenly get a rush of inspiration, then my mom tells me to get up, and it ruins my flow.

    1. Horrible when somethimg ruins the flow!

  4. The other day I found something out about one of my characters and started BEAMING....I think my family find my a little strange.

    1. My family thinks I'm weird too. It comes with being a writer I suppose.


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