Ways To Tell You're Bored

Sometimes we just get bored. It's inevitable. However, there are extreme cases of boredom. Here are a few ways to tell that you're quite bored.

1. The most exciting thing that you can think of doing is rub your face against your keyboard.

2. You get into a rather bad mood where you don't want to do anything, but if anything is offered to you by someone else, you go into Snape mode.

3. You try to be a "Crab Lord."

4. You have your pet lobster and dog challenge each other to a duel, giving your dog a spoon as its only weapon.

5. You run around like a crazy person trying to find a fog machine. Once you have found said fog machine, you turn it on and then pretend to swim through it.


  1. Haha :) I love the Snape picture.

    Have you read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare? It's a REALLY REALLY REALLY good series and I highly recommend it!

    Never understood how stage fog worked...meteorology-wise, it has to be rather cold for fog to form. So I can't help but wonder whether it's early-morning cold up there on the stage when they make fake fog...

    1. Gotta love Snape!

      I've seen those books around, but I've never gotten around to reading them. I'll put them down on my list of things to read! (:

      Sometimes dry ice is used, and other times "...the fog is created using propylene glycol and triethylene glycol, mixed with 20 percent water." (Found that off of a website.)

  2. Smart dog, using the spoon instead of his nose. The first one is hilarious too!! LOL! I would post a comment but I'm too bored....oh wait, I already did.

  3. I'm not usually bored. When the internet is down, yes. Or when I get kicked of the computer, perhaps. OR when I've finished all my library books. But still. Not usually. :)

    1. Those are some exact instances where I'm bored too! (:


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