I'm A Pro!

For school we have to do a demonstration speech. What is this speech? It is simply when you teach the class how to do something. I was stuck in a rut trying to think of something I could do. I thought about teaching people who to do a mermaid braid or a waterfall braid, but dismissed this because there are guys in my class who would fall asleep watching me braid hair.

I then saw a tutorial on how to make an origami ninja star. I freaked out, and I tested it out the other day.

I failed miserably.

Not being one to take failure so easily, I got some sturdier paper and attempted it once more. I succeeded. Twice. I have made two ninja stars thus far, and I'm going to try for three before the day is over. I'm super pumped that I finally figured out how to make them!

Click here to see the tutorial!

And now for my finished products:

The coolest part? They actually sort of throw like real ninja stars! Whoop whoop!

You all should seriously try to make these. They're awesome.

That is all.


  1. Yes, I need to try this!

    You decided not to demonstrate how to do a secret ten-person writing collaboration? ;)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I figured it might be a squick more difficult. (:


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