How Many Cheese Crackers Can We Put On the Cat Before He Wakes Up?

Do you have a cat?

Is your cat a fairly heavy sleeper?

Do you have cheese crackers in the house?

If you answered yes to any (it will probably work best if you answered yes to all) of those questions, then you will definitely want to get in on the action, because I have discovered the most amazing game in the world!

It is called . . .

How Many Cheese Crackers Can We Put On the Cat Before He Wakes Up?

*insert epic theme music here*

Let's begin, shall we?


- One cat (preferably one that won't maul you if you attempt to put cheese crackers on it)

- Cheese crackers

- Oven mitts in the case that this cat is one that will maul you

- One trained professional (if you can't find one, I suppose you'll have to do)

To play this game, you'll have to wait until your cat falls asleep. This could take anywhere from five seconds to several days, depending on out sleepy your cat is. If your cat does not fall asleep for a long time, find a patch of sunlight and stick them in it for a while. Rumor has it that that helps.

Once your cat has fallen asleep, grab your box of cheese crackers. Open it up and grab a handful. Take the handful and gently put the individual cheese crackers onto your cat like in the picture above. If you're wearing those oven mitts, it might be a smidge more difficult to grab a handful and put them on the cat. You will probably need an assistant if this is the case. I would advise the assistant to be wearing a suit made of bubble wrap for protection.

The goal of this game is to put as many as possible on your cat before it wakes up and realizes that it has been covered in baked cheesey deliciousness and spazzes out, sending cheese crackers flying everywhere.

So grab a friend and grab a cat! See which of you can fit more cheese crackers on your cat before it wakes up!

*Bonus: Bonus points to you if you can completely cover the cat in cheese crackers so that no part of it can be seen. It takes a master of the game to be able to do this.

NOTE: Please take into consideration that I do not own a cat, nor have I played this game before. I take no responsibility for any injuries, hairballs, and wasted cheese crackers that may ensue from playing this game. Please play at your own risk.


  1. This sounds like fun! Too bad I don't own a cat, and we don't have any cheese crackers...

    I guess I'll have to make do with what I've got: A younger brother or sister, and tortilla chips! This ought to be fun!! ;)

  2. Okay. Well, first, Tempest wants me to tell you that he is appalled by this idea of a game so much that he refuses to type his digust himself. Second, Harry wants me to tell you that this is a great idea and if I ever buy cheese crackers, he's going to try it. Tempest is yelling at him, threatening to slice him to mere ribbons and rip off his tail if he ever tries it. Harry argues that he doesn't have a tail. I argue that they are both tales and should not be so violent. The End. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Oh, Tempest, you know I'd never play that game with you! And, Harry, calm down. I'm sure Hoode will let you play this game with him. I'll ask him.

    2. (Harry typing) Well... my house? I know where some sleeping pills are that I could slip into the cat's food.

    3. I don't think sleeping pills would be the best idea. Tempest might not appreciate that so much.

    4. (Tempest typing-- You, Harrison, are the stupist creature on earth to think that you could slip anything into my food! Miss Seana is correct to think that I won't appreciate it! In fact, I...)

      Tempest, get off the computer, please.


    5. I really hate to interrupt your ranting, Tempest, but you spelled "stupidest" wrong. Please don't eat me for saying that.

    6. (Tempest typing-- stupid typos! I wouldn't dream of such, Miss Seana. I don't eat humans. I don't even eat cat food.
      I don't like having to share residence with a theiving, trouble-making menace. Did you see that, Robyn?!)

    7. Goodness. Harry, have you been stealing buttons again?

  3. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!! sounds fun, but I don't have a cat either.

  4. POOR CAT! And who would waste Cheez-its on a cat?!?!?! :O

    Sorry. xD This was funny, but I like cats and cheese crackers waaaay too much to ever do it. ;)

    1. Haha. I'm not exactly a super cat fan, but I don't know if I'd have the guts to waste cheese crackers.


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