The Om Nom Blogger Award

Well, it's that time once again. Award time. Let's see what we've got, shall we?

The Om Nom Blogger Award?


Who comes up with these things? Amazeballs awards....Om Nom awards......

Ah, well, it's not a Liebster, of which I am thankful. That award gets awfully tedious after a time, doesn't it?

This award was given to me via an email, from someone who wishes to stay anonymous. I'm granting that person's request, but I shall still give this person my thanks. Anonymous Person, thank you.

The Rules:

- Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog if possible
- Answer the five questions left for you by the previous blogger
- Nominate at least one other person for The Om Nom Blogger Award
- Create five new questions for your nominee(s), or you can have them reuse the same questions

Well, Anonymous Person, I like you even more since the rules are much nicer to me than most are.

The Questions:

1. Who is your favorite character and why?

Hmm....Jack Blank, perhaps? (From The Accidental Hero series by Matt Myklusch. Highly recommend them.) He's a rather ingenious kid.

2. What motto do you live by as a writer?

Don't be a Talking Worm. (DEFINITIONThe Talking Worm.  Named by Charley R., the syndrome in which you copy the writing style of the last author you read.)

3. What's a strange quirk about you that most people don't know?

I blow my nose really loudly and obnoxiously. It's quite awkward when I do it at school in the middle of a lesson.

4. What fictional place would you like to visit?

Well, Hogwarts is out of the question since I never got my letter at the age of 11, I never really got into The Chronicles of Narnia, so Narnia's not really on my list, I don't really want to go to the Arena in The Hunger Games and die, I'm not a Half-Blood, so Camp Half-Blood is out of the that leaves.....Middle-Earth. Preferably not Mordor.

5. What is your favorite song?

ARGH don't make me pick just one! Fine. Fine! I shall pick one.


They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

That is a strange but oddly awesome song. It is now stuck in my head. I shall sing some of it for you.

"The hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits, to Isengard, to Isengard!"

That's enough. No more singing. But as of this second, I'm going to say it's my favorite. Just because I can. Give it a listen to, aye?

Now then. I hereby nominate.............


The questions that YOU must answer are the same questions that I answered above.

There you have it. The Om Nom Blogger Award! Have fun, and whatever you do, don't be a Talking Worm!


  1. Hey Anonymous Person, good questions.

    I'm going to ignore that, Sea. Maybe. I might do it later...

    1. No problem, Amanda. (: You gotta admit that this award button it's one of the least hideous ones.

    2. It is indeed.

      And if I was a little more confident about my guess of the anonymous person...I might guess...but since I'm not too sure of it, I won't. xD

    3. Even if you guessed correctly, I wouldn't be able to tell you. (:

  2. Come visit me in Gondor, Seana! We can have a writing retreat! I have chocolate, coffee, extra pens-- all the things a writer needs! We will sit in my hobbit hole and write. We won't go on any adventures or do anything unexpected... unless Gandalf shows up. Then I have no idea what sort of messes we'll get into. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    P.S.--I know Mordor is close, but don't worry about that. Sauron was really just kinda cranky from a lack of sleep and his ring being stolen. He got a nice nap and now he's a very pleasant person. We have tea at least once every two weeks. And Mordor got some rain, so it's green and alive and there are rabbits! I'm serious! There are sweet baby bunnies everywhere!

    1. CHOCOLATE?! COFFEE?! PENS?! *throws random things into knapsack* I'm ready! Now then, off to the hobbit hole! Lead the way, Robyn! Gandalf, please don't come and take us on an adventure. We're going to be rather occupied.

      PS: Bunnies? They're probably plot bunnies. I don't trust those.

    2. It's just over the river and through the woods... no, wait. That's how to get to Grandmother's house.(Tempest walks up and gives Robyn a map). Ah! Thank you, Tempest! Now, let's see. Oh! it's though the woods then over the river and then through the woods again. And I think there's a mountain or two in here somewhere. I do hope we don't run into Gollum. Oh, well! You know what they say-- whatever doesn't kill me will make a great plot point in my book!

      Oh, I am certain that some of them are plot bunnies. But it's impossible to tell which ones are and which aren't. I just like to watch them hop around and nibble tulips from Sauron's parlor window while we discuss the weather and my latest experiments.
      ~Robyn Hoode

    3. *grabs a rope and ties it to Robyn and back to self* There. Now I shall not get lost. (Unless you somehow run into a very sharp vine in the forest that severs the rope.....) would we run into Gollum if he' exactly alive?

      How cute. But if one of those plot bunnies come after me, I am not responsible for my actions. Plot bunnies can turn me into a karate master in two seconds flat.

    4. The same way Gandalf would show up even though he's supposed to be in The Grey Havens.

      Agreed. And if I start to chase one, do knock some sense into me, would you? Don't let me hunt for a new notebook for it!


    5. Exactly!

      I'll make sure you don't go hunting plot bunnies. In fact, if you do, I'll start pelting you with invisible teddy bears, alright?

    6. Start pelting, Sea! I... I chased a plot bunny today!

      ~Rob... HELP!

    7. ROBYN! NOOOOOO! *pelts you with invisible teddy bears*

    8. OW! You can stop pelting! I can't even dodge them because I can't see them!
      It's still a bit cute. I wrote almost a page that day and haven't written anymore there since. I may come back to it.
      Okay, maybe you should keep pelting. I need to work on Short-Ciruited. Not this vicious, wonderful idea.


    9. *keeps pelting*


      Snap. I think I'm running out! I'll need my minions to find more in the Hundred Acre Woods. Or maybe I can get Galadriel to bring me some from her forest.

    10. You could always ask some of those demigod kids, they might have some.


    11. True. Percyyyyyyyyyy! I NEED A TEDDY BEAR!

    12. Wait a minute! Why am I encouraging you to throw things at me?!
      I'm okay! Really! I will work on Short-Circuited! BTW, did you see the cover for it that I posted on Google+? :)


    13. Because you were chasing plot bunnies. Without me, I believe you would've been halfway to Wonderland by now!

      Yes I did! It was so cool!

    14. Not quiet Wonderland. You wouldn't think that bunnies from Mordor could be so cute!
      Thank you!


    15. Bunnies are cute. End of story. (:

  3. Hey Sea -
    ERMMMMM…………what's "Middle Earth" and "Mordor"? I mean, I haven't read EVERY SINGLE book that you've read so can you help me here? is it something to do with Jack Blank?

    1. Lord of the Rings, Ev. Not Jack Blank. Good try. (:

  4. This one is different. Me likes it. :P

    1. And it's got a chocolate blog button! What's not to love?

    2. I love chocolate. It's amazing.


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