The Hobbit: The Misty Mountains Acapella by Peter Hollens

I found this video via Pinterest, and it's mysterious, spine-tingling beauty just struck me. Peter Hollens, the man who is singing the song in this video, is amazing at what he does. He also has done some other songs on YouTube, and in a comment he told a viewer that he was working on a Les Mis medley. *girly squeal*

Even if you haven't read The Hobbit (I highly recommend that you do), you should still definitely give this video a listen to.



  1. I like the song, but I didn't watch the whole video. I didn't like when the higher pitched voices started. I watched a bit after that, but then I turned it off.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. The high pitches were a wee bit distracting from the main melody, I agree, but I thought they added a nice touch to the song.

  2. Peter Hollens is amazing...I love this rendition of Misty Mountains! He can definitely pull off the singing-with-10-other-versions-of-myself thing. :)

    Also, A LES MIS MEDLEY? I think I just died with joy. Thank you for making my day. :D

    1. It must take forever to record all of those "versions of himself"! (:

      You are very welcome! I'm so excited too!


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