A Little Piece Of Me Just Died

I woke up today and my father was reading the paper in the kitchen. He looked up at me as I walked in and said, "The Harry Potter actor died."

I was in a frenzy as I shrieked, "DANIEL RADCLIFFE DIED?!"

He shook his head. "No, Richard Griffiths died."


My mom poked her head into the room. "I think they said he was this 'Uncle Vernon' guy."


I didn't want to believe it, but even the Twitter world said it was correct.

Well, Richard Griffiths/Uncle Vernon, rest in peace. The Potterheads will miss you.


  1. I moment of silence on this Easter Sunday.
    I'm so sad, I had NO idea, we will all miss you, you and your determination to not let Harry go to to Hogwarts. He will live on in our hearts, forever.
    - Evelyn


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