Gandalf and Bilbo, Calvin and Hobbes edition

I have just discovered my new favorite word. What is this new favorite word? Why, it's oliphaunt, of course! I was reading The Two Towers (LotR book 2) when I stumbled upon the word while reading, and Gollum voiced the very thought I had: "What are oliphaunts?" And so, Mr. Sam Gamgee provided a rhyme that told me what an oliphaunt was.

"Grey as a mouse, 
Big as a house. 
Nose like a snake, 
I make the earth shake, 
As I tramp through the grass; 
Trees crack as I pass. 
With horns in my mouth 
I walk in the South, 
Flapping big ears. 
Beyond count of years 
I stump round and round, 
Never lie on the ground, 
Not even to die. 
Oliphaunt am I, 
Biggest of all, 
Huge, old, and tall. 
If ever you'd met me 
You wouldn't forget me. 
If you never do, 
You won't think I'm true; 
But old Oliphaunt am I, 
And I never lie."

I think by now you've figured out what an oliphaunt is, eh?

I just thought that oliphaunt was a fun word. Perhaps I shall call elephants by the name of oliphaunts from now on.


  1. I love the new blog look. It's so much fun to change it for the holidays, isn't it?

    Sorry for not commenting but now I'm back. :)

    When I read the word "Oliphaunt" I could imagine Golem saying that. LOL! That's actually a good poem, really great to explain what an elephant is. :)

    1. Thanks. (: I always love changing my blog theme! It's just fun to have something new once and a while!

      I missed you! Were you on vacation or something?

      Gollum's a wee bit creeping, isn't he? I loved the poem too! It reminds me of something that would be in a cute kid's book.

    2. Hey yeah, you're right! It would make a great kids' book. Aww thanks, no I wasn't on vacation. I wasn't in the mood to blog but I got my second wind, :P You and July are amazing friends. :D **hugs

    3. Aw, that's so sweet! (: You're an amazing friend as well, and an awesome author! *hugs*

  2. My sister is obsessed with oliphaunts. lol she has bunches of them.

    1. Your sister...do you mean Katrina? (the newest follower here. Tell her thanks much from me).

      Of course, she might not be your sister, which makes this a rather awkward situation. :P

    2. Hehe, Yes, Kat is my sister, and yes I'll tell her. But no, she's the the one obsessed with oliphaunts. HER name is Mahri. lol. :)

    3. You have many sisters, I presume? (:

    4. Oh, you know. Not an excessive amount. Nine, actually. And a brother. :)

    5. Nine? Plus a brother? Whoa! I've got three older brothers, and that seems like a lot already. (:

    6. Hehe. We've actually got one of the smaller families in the DeLallo family. Most of my aunts had 13 or so. :)

    7. Wow! So that means family reunions are pretty spectacular, eh?

    8. Eh, you could say that. lol mostly really loud. :)

    9. Haha, my family get togethers are the same way.

  3. Loverly, Seana!

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Indeed, who could not love the great poet, Sam Gamgee? :)

    2. Sam is awesome. Great character in the books!

  4. My favorite person in the Fellowship.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  5. I love the word "oliphaunts"!
    Also, that picture is adorable. *cuddles it*

    1. Oliphaunts, oliphaunts, oliphaunts...I could say this word all day long!
      I've always been a fan of Calvin and Hobbes comics, and when I saw this, I let out a girlish squeal and set it as my computer's desktop picture right away. (:


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