Little Things Tag

The awesome Lily has given me this tag, and since it has to do a little bit with One Direction, I was over the moon with joy.

So. Let's get started, shall we?


1. One thing that makes you feel beautiful:

New outfits. Something about new clothes always makes me feel more....beautiful, I suppose.
2. What's something that people often compliment you on:

Either my eyes or my hair. I've been told my eyes are mesmerizing, intense, creepy, and other things. I suppose I do have a pretty grand evil death glare *evil chuckle*. When my hair was a couple inches longer (I recently got three inches cut off), a lot of people liked to play with it, or they told me that my hair was so pretty and shiny. They also liked the random little curl my hair does at the bottom.
3. What's one of your insecurities:

My thighs, I suppose. I just hate the fact that when I sit down, my thighs become instantly 3,298,752,398 times larger.
4. If you could tell every insecure person in the world one thing, what would you say:

Look, I know we've all been through some rough stuff, and we've all felt worthless at one time or another. But listen to me. You are beautiful and special. You were made for a purpose that only you can do. There can never be a more beautiful you.
5. Do you talk in your sleep:

Yes. I once said, "Oh, PIGS!" in my sleep.
6. Little Things you appreciate about life:

The sound of birds outside me window on a summer morning, when someone holds a door open for me, the warmth of my dog laying next to me, when someone unexpected does something nice for me.
7. Favorite little things about someone you love: 

I love the fact that they can make me laugh at any time, and they just genuinely care about me.

8. Something someone said to you to make you self conscious:

"You have the smallest, nose EVER!" I just remember someone saying this to me a long, long time ago.
9. If you could change one thing about yourself, would you:

There are lots of things I would possibly want to change, but if I did, I wouldn't be me. Chasing society's "perfection" and losing myself in the process isn't worth it.
10. What's one thing about yourself that you would never change:

My sense of humor. It's a little random, a little quirky, but it usually can bring a smile to someone's day.


You are reading this sentence.




  1. Aww, I love that song! :) It makes me feel so good inside. This post made my day.

    1. I love that song too! Glad to have made your day. (:

    2. Yup, I know that song too. :)

    3. It's such a great song, isn't it?

  2. Well said, my friend! *thumb up

    And "Oh pigs!" LOL that's funny! What were you dreaming about? Have you ever said, "Oh fart!" :P Just kidding.

    1. Thank you. (:

      I don't know. For almost a few weeks I had been saying, "Oh pigs!" When something went wrong. Stubbed my toe? "Oh pigs!" Was SUPER close to winning something, but lost by a hair? "Oh pigs!" It was my catchphrase for a while. I have no idea what I was dreaming about...

      Nope. Never have said "Oh fart!". Not really part of my normal everyday vocab. :P

    2. You're welcome. :)

      LOL! That is a good catchphrase.


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