Harry Potter In 10 Pictures

So Aubrey asked a question on her blog. She asked what 10 pictures we would use to represent the Harry Potter books, or any other topic. I took the challenge, and found seven pictures to represent Harry Potter, since seven is much easier than ten. Okay, I lied. I found eight.

 I nearly sobbed at the eighth picture...oh Neville. *sniff*


  1. Very nice choice in pictures! I would have chosen to show a variety of characters, but I still like how you mainly focused on Harry! And Neville...oh my goodness....*sniff* *tear*.

    1. I would have liked to add some of his friends in, but I felt like this really showed Harry's journey through the books. (: I know...Neville! *sniff sniff*

  2. It made me cry to ..... Love your blog xx


    1. Aw, thanks!

      I'll give your blog a look-see. (:

  3. I love your pictures!!! And the eighth one is...*sniffles* awesome.


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