Who Do You Think I Am?

Yep. I'm stealing a post from July today, but I'm going to make the little quiz...thing somewhat my own version. I'll be giving you an option or two (or three, or four...) about how I look/act/think, to see how you guys sort of...visualize me. Feel free to answer in the comments. (:


Here we go!

Do I...

Am I....

1.) have blonde (all of the different blondes fit this category. Dirty, ash, bleach), red (it could be more of an auburn, or a more orangey red), brown, light brown, dark brown, or black hair?

2.) wear nail polish or not?

3.) tall, medium, or short in height?

4.) chubby or skinny?

5.) have blue, green, brown, hazel, or *insert color I may have forgotten* eyes?

6.) wear fuzzy socks or holiday socks?

7.) accessorize much?

8.) short hair (chin length or above), medium length (around shoulder length or a smidge shorter/longer), long hair (mid-back)?

9.) pale, tan, or dark skinned?

10.) outgoing or shy?

11.) make-up, or no make-up?

12.) glasses or no glasses?

13.) small hands or big hands?

14.) have lots of friends or do I mostly hang out with books?

15.) have straight, wavy, or curly hair?

That is all.


  1. Like I told July, i don't want to do this because it feels wrong to me (for me to do that). You're awesome however you look like. :D

  2. Haha, I know every single thing..... would it be cheating if I answered? ;)

    1. I guess I probably should not answer, but it would be fun, if I wrote random things down!!

    2. You hit the nail on the head, bud. :P

    3. Oh, you'd have a blast with that, Ev.

  3. Well, erm...I can't say I'm much of a good guesser, and I do sort of agree with Hilda, but it would be no fun for you if someone who's never seen you didn't answer, so here I go!

    1. brown hair
    2. no nail polish
    3. short
    4. skinny
    5. blue eyes
    6. holiday socks
    7. limited accesories
    8. medium-length hair
    9. pale
    10. outgoing
    11. no makeup
    12. no glasses
    13. small hands
    14. hang out with books?
    15. wavy

    These were all pretty much totally random guesses, so I hope I didn't offend you with any of them.
    If you don't mind, would you please tell me the answers that you are comfortable sharing? I am quite curious :)

    1. Not bad! You got four right! (: Way to go, since all you had to work with was your imagination. Hey, no worries, I'm not offended with your answers. (:

      Don't worry, I'll make a post soon with the answers.

  4. 1.) blonde

    2.)no nailpolish

    3.) medium

    4.) skinny

    5.) brown eyes

    6.)fuzzy socks

    7.) not much

    8.) medium length

    9.) tan

    10.) outgoing

    11.) no make-up

    12.) glasses

    13.) small hands


    15.) wavy

    1. You did pretty well, Lily! Five right! (:

  5. Hmmm OK!

    1.) light brown

    2.) nail polish

    3.) medium (actually I'd've guessed tall but I saw your comment on July's blog - pfft I'm not cheating!)

    4.) skinny

    5.) brown/hazel

    6.) I have no idea what holiday socks are...

    7.) no

    8.) medium length hair

    9.) medium skin?

    10.) outgoing

    11.) no make-up

    12.) no glasses

    13.) weird question - I feel you'd only ask if your hands were freakishly one or the other, and as you have strange toes I'll go with big hands.

    14.) hmmm...I'm thinking books - no offence meant, it's just that in my experience those people of the breed Normal are put off by us Crazies! XD

    15.) Straight

    1. Four correct! Nice work. :P In answer to your question, holiday socks just means holiday themed socks. Christmas socks, Valentine's Day socks, that kind of thing.

  6. 1) blonde
    2) sometimes
    3) short
    4) skinny
    5) brown
    6) I don't know what you mean!
    7) no
    8) medium
    9) pale
    10) outgoing
    11) none
    12) none
    13) small
    14) I imagine you have quite a few friends who you hang out with on a regular basis ...
    15) straight.

    How'd I do?? :D

  7. People are having a hard time with you though! :P
    How are a hard person to imagine though..... well, I don't really know if you are cause I've never had to imagine you!

    1. I really should make a post with the answers, shouldn't I? :P

  8. I remembered seeing this a while back, and I'm going to steal it now! ;) Thanks for posting it. :)


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