Who Do You Think I Am? ANSWERS

Howdy. Sorry for getting this up...a week or so after the original post. Oops! Anywho, here are the answers! (I've stuck them in another color)

1.) have blonde (all of the different blondes fit this category. Dirty, ash, bleach), red (it could be more of an auburn, or a more orangey red), brown, light brown, dark brown, or black hair?
My hair is often called black. If you look close, however, it's really just a dark, dark shade of brown. I also have several GOLD hairs. It's pretty sweet. My hair looks different colors in different lightings, but always on the darker end of colors.

2.) wear nail polish or not? 

I almost always have nail polish on. I love painting my nails in funky designs.

3.) tall, medium, or short in height?

I consider myself on the shorter end of the scale at 5' 2". (Five foot two inches). July often uses my shoulder as an arm rest since she is taller than I.

4.) chubby or skinny?

I'm on the skinnier side of the spectrum. Healthy skinny, though. Not skeleton skinny.

5.) have blue, green, brown, hazel, or *insert color I may have forgotten* eyes?

My eyes are brown. Sort of a medium/dark brown.

6.) wear fuzzy socks or holiday socks?

Some people were confused by this question. I personally love holiday socks better than fuzzy socks. Holiday socks have fun patterns on them (who doesn't love little reindeer on their socks?), while fuzzy socks get all matted down when you wear them for a while.

7.) accessorize much?

It kind of depends on the outfit, but I usually have a fair amount of accessories on. Always a pair of earrings (some borrowed from my mother), usually a necklace, sometimes a bracelet if I'm feeling peppy.

8.) short hair (chin length or above), medium length (around shoulder length or a smidge shorter/longer), long hair (mid-back)?

I would consider my hair long. It goes halfway down my back.

9.) pale, tan, or dark skinned?

I'm tan. Year-round. Lucky me!

10.) outgoing or shy?

I'm a shy person at heart. I'm only outgoing if I know the people really well.

11.) make-up, or no make-up?

I do wear make-up. Just a little mascara, sometimes eyeshadow if I want a little extra sparkle. I used to wear a lot of eyeliner, but I've dropped that from my daily habits after I realized it look ridiculous.

12.) glasses or no glasses?

I don't wear my glasses, so no glasses. I don't wear them because they make my vision awful and I can't see. Blind Seana? Bad idea.

13.) small hands or big hands?

My hands aren't SMALL, small, but they are a little smaller than most people's.

14.) have lots of friends or do I mostly hang out with books?

Okay, that was kind of a cheap question...I DO BOTH! I have a lot of people whom I'm on friendly terms with, but I also love curling up in my moonchair with a good book (as of now, the good book is LotR book 2, The Two Towers).

15.) have straight, wavy, or curly hair?

My hair is straight with a little curl at the ends. If I let it air dry and don't attack it with a brush, then it's more on the wavy side.


  1. I can't remember how many I got right, but that's pretty cool! It's always dead interesting finding out what bloggers look like. (:

  2. That's really cool, fun to at least get an idea of what you look like....if you were ever brave enough you could put up a picture of yourself for a day or something....or as a contest, the winner could get to see a picture of you, haha :)

    1. Thanks. But I hate to disappoint you, but no picture of me shall be posted or sent. (: Gotta keep incognito!

  3. Wow - you sound like me! Short, small hands, dark hair and eyes, long hair, shy... but then again not like me, as in skinny. ~sigh~
    I still don't understand what you mean by holiday socks though! Just, like, any type of patterned socks? Right now I am wearing...~checks~ teal socks with a pinkish-purple heel and toe and flowers around the ankle. Do they count?

    1. Being skinny doesn't make one beautiful! However you look, I'm positive you're gorgeous. (:

      No. They do not. Holiday socks do mean patterned socks, but the pattern is specifically engineered for a certain holiday. (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) So Halloween socks would have probably little pumpkins or spiders on them. Christmas socks might have reindeer. Easter socks could have cute little bunny rabbits. All of those socks would be in the holiday sock category.

      Do you sort of understand? :P

  4. I forgot to take the test... but saying that I already have seen you (a lot) and know you? I would have gotten those probably all right. :)

    1. It would surprise me if you got the appearance questions incorrect. (: But if you took the test, that would be cheating since you know me. :P


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