Teens Can Write Too: Why Your Book Does Not Suck

So a snuck over to the Teens Can Write Too wordpress blog and---

Interesting. I just realized I've been doing a lot of sneaking lately. I guess all you bloggers are just being especially awesome. Anywho, I saw this post that John Hansen, a blogger there, created, and I thought it really was the truth. I asked him if I could reblog it, and he gave me the okay. So here it is.

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Why Your Book Does Not Suck
John Hansen
A "Teens Can Write Too" blog production

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of teen writers finishing their first drafts and thinking it sucks, then giving up on the book. So here is my open letter to all writers struggling because they think the book they worked so hard on is awful.
Dear Awesome Person,
Let’s take a step back for a second. First of all, you FINISHED A BOOK. A book. A full-length, real book. You did it. You finished it. It took hours and hours and hours and probably tears and smiles and all of the feels, but you did it. That is a huge accomplishment in itself. Seriously. Stat-wise, something like 80% of people want to write a book, and only 2% ever finish one. (That might be a little off, though. Don’t quote me on it.) You are in the 2% now. You beat the odds; you finished a book. YOU. DID. IT. Just take a minute to think about that, to enjoy the moment.
Done? Okay, good. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath.
So what, I finished a draft? you’re probably thinking. It sucks and it will never get published. And you know what? You’re wrong. First of all, it is entirely normal to hate your book, especially right after the first draft stage. Here’s a secret: Every writer feels this way. All writers may not hate their drafts with a passion, but they will at least doubt themselves and their books. Ask any published author and they will tell you that at one point, they’ve hated and/or doubted their book. Ask any writer friends and they will say the same. You know why that is? Because it’s natural. It’snormal. In fact, the simple truth that you doubt your book makes you better off than the people who think their books are so great and so publishable and anyone who disagrees is a jealous hater. (Trust me, these people exist.) Point is, thinking your book sucks is perfectly normal, and since every published author ever feels the same way, doubting your book at some point along your journey is essentially the first challenge on your road to publication; it only means you’re headed the right way.
Still not convinced? Think you’re the exception, and there is no way your book will ever get published?
Well, you’re still wrong. In my personal opinion, every book can be worthy of publication. It may require major revisions, like major plot, characters, and writing/voice changes, or it may only require a few quick edits, but I strongly believe that any first draft, no matter how poor it is or it isn’t, can eventually become publishable. So no, you are not the exception. You may to revise a lot, but you. can. do it.
Also? Chances are you’ll start liking your book in later drafts. First drafts are designed to suck. That’s the point of the first draft: to suck. You get your story and characters out, and it will always need more work, it will always be far from perfect. So then, you revise it. You get critique partners or beta readers, and you work and work until you reach the point where you like your draft. You will get there, I promise. You may have some doubts–that’s only natural–but after you revise the heck out of your first draft, the book will begin to come together, and you will likeit.
Point is? Just because you think your first draft sucks doesn’t mean you should give up on the book. Revise it. Get critiques from people you don’t know too well. Revise more. Soon, the book will start coming to together, and it will be good.


  1. That is awesome :D

    1. That what's I told John! (: You should let him know you like the post.

  2. I agree about doubting your own work. It's a normal feeling when you are writing the rough draft.

    And I've also had my shares of jealous critiques and 2 of them are authors. So I disagree about having other people criticize your work unless you trust that person and is very honest.

    1. Yep! I get it sometimes.

      That's true. People you hardly know editing your stuff can be a little harsh at times. I agree with you that the person you know has to be honest, because if they lie to make you feel better....well, it won't help the book. (:

    2. Exactly!! You got it. You'll make a great author someday. :D

    3. Aw, thank you! Writing is hard work sometimes. You're already a great author! (:

  3. If I miraculously am published, my book will be a "Collection of Stories Unfinished" because I have so many ideas that I begin but never finish XD.

    That was very inspirational and awesome. I especially like the part that says the point of a first draft is to suck, because my NaNo novel may be 94 pages long, but all modesty aside, it still sucks.

    1. Have you tried going back and edit them? Sometimes it's good to take a break and come back to it with a fresh mind. Then you can try and read your story again for corrections. I remember reading that in a writer's magazine.

    2. Endings are always hard with books. I agree with Hilda, though! I'll bet if you go back, read them through, you'll find some good stuff to work with. (:

      If it's the thought of trying to come up with an ending that scares you, there's a blogger that writes an excellent guide for endings! She's an amazing writer. Here's a link to that post:



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