Dwarves and Elves

I found a website where you can type in your name, or any phrase/words you'd like, and it translates that into Dwarf Runes, or you can have it turn it into Elvish Runes. The geek in me is freaking out right now.

Want to try it? Click here.

Here's my name in the various runes. The first two are Dwarvish, the last one is Elvish.

Pretty snazzy, right?

While we're on the LotR topic, I found a video of a LotR version of One Direction's One Thing. They've changed it to One Ring, and it's quite amusing.

(Hope the video actually plays...)


  1. Snicker. That video is a disgrace to LOTR. But I liked it. :D

    1. I agree, it's not exactly correct to the books, but it made me laugh so hard. (:

  2. Haha! I think I would find it more funny if I read the LOTR books, but funny anyway! The only thing i didn't like was how they tried to do 1D's dance!

    1. No one can compare to 1D with the Inbetweeners dance.


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