Play Try-Outs

Perhaps you remember me saying how those play try-outs were coming? Well, those are over now. All that is left is the call-backs (which means that if they need to hear you more than they were able to, they'll have you read some more lines). The call-backs, they assured us, do not mean that you will or will not get a part in the play.

This whole play thing is nerve-wracking. I did my best in my auditions, and I tried to make the character seem real to people. But now I'm just sitting here hoping and hoping that I'll get a part. Sure, there are parts in the play I'd rather have than others, but just getting a part would make me over the moon.

The sad thing is, they won't tell us who's in the play until NEXT WEEK. Which means, I need to wallow in my nervousness for three or so days. Gah!

I'm going to go read a book now, to hopefully distract myself from thinking about the play.

That is all.


  1. Just yesterday they posted the cast list for "Willy Wonka" at my school! After several minutes of "Should I look now? No, I'll wait some more." I finally found out that I got a part! Wishing you oodles of luck for your part! Huh. "Oodles." I like that word.


      Thank you for the oodles of luck you sent my way. (: Oodles is a fun word. I like it too.

    2. Want to know the best way to say farewell to someone?

      "Toodles and oodles of noodles and poodles!"

    3. *GASP* That's perfect!
      Tootles and oodles of noodles and poodles,
      (Oooh...I lov that :))

    4. Pretty great, eh? Say, I hate to enlist you for my dirty work, but would you be able to help spread the news about my Christmas contest?

    5. Of course! I'd be more than happy to. Almost done with my entry!

  2. I think you will get a part. Probably the part that you sat down and kept saying at tryouts. I am nervous too. (This is A. J. Ryan by the way, and I am a friend of Seana and July, to all those readers who read this and don't know me.)
    ~A. J. Ryan

    1. Thanks for your support, A.J. (: You did really well with all of the parts you tried out for!

      Are you part of the call-backs on Monday?

  3. When do you get off school? We finish this coming Friday - squee! I ask only because it seems a bit strange that they'd tell you your parts when, presumably, you're quite close to the end of term. However, this is Rose Logic - it is not always to be trusted.

    Good luck with getting a part! I'm sure you will, if you put the effort in (:

    1. Yep, we also go through this whole week of school, and then BAM. Christmas break!

      My theory of why they're telling us our parts before the break is because that way those with parts can start memorizing, perhaps.

      Thanks, Rose. (: I tried my best. Let's hope it was enough!

  4. You got Mr. Lowis's email right? Well he said that if we weren't called back on Monday, we would more than likely get called back on Tuesday.... but I realized that I can't stay after school on Tuesday.... oh well. There are so many good people who tried out! I don't know who's gonna get a part.
    I don't know if I am or not but I would be fine either way because I do have some major freak out moments....
    You probably will, I love you as Ms. H, you were amazayn as her!

  5. I nominated your blog for an award.... here's the link


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