Merry Christmas, Here's the Winner

So I placed all of those lovely, lovely entries inside my magic hat of magic things (and I can't show you a picture of it because my camera is being a nuisance). And I stuck my hand inside it, swirled it around a bit, wiggled my ears, and pulled out the winning entry for the Christmas Contest.

And the winner is...


Her entry was this gorgeous picture of part of her Christmas tree. Congratulations, Amanda!

Now, Amanda, you know what this means? It means you get to create a guest post for me! Yay. I omitted the button as of now because I don't think you have a blog...BUT! If you ever make one, or if you have somewhere that needs a button, just let me know. (:

Congrats again, and have a wonderful Christmas, Amanda!

And to everyone else out there, Merry Christmas. It's the only Christmas of 2012. Make it last. (:

That is all.


  1. Congratulations, Amanda!
    I'm so sorry, Seana, the contest completely slipped my mind until about 2:00 this morning...what I was doing awake at that time I don't know :P. Anyways, Merry Christmas!

    1. Not a problem, Hermione. I really ought to think of something else for my contests since everyone forgets about them.

  2. Oops, same as Hermione except I didn't remember until I read this post.... sorry!

  3. Yay! You are correct; I don't have a blog xD At least not yet. I might sometime in the next couple of months, though!

    Okay, I'll be working on that guest post, then. Any specifics?

    1. Nope! It's all yours. (: Just have fun with it!


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