Two Topics To Tackle

Alright, everyone. I need to get my thinking pose out, because I have a few things I need to just spill. Please listen closely while I rant. Thank you for your participation.

First of all, gotta get somethin' awkward out of my system.
Yeah. Someone was doing that in choir today. I didn't know what to do, so I just looked at the ceiling and hummed to myself like a weirdo, while they were completely oblivious to my predicament.

Speaking of choir, we were assigned different seats. Normally, I'd be totally fine with it. I can usually sing well sitting by anyone.....except who he put me by. Now, in choir there's the people who are super outgoing and strong with their voice, the ones who sing fairly loudly and follow the outgoing people's lead, and there's the people who goof off and don't care, therefore drowning out the other people's efforts. Which stinks.

He stuck me between two girls, Gina and Teresa. Those two are fairly close friends, who sometimes (quite often) completely goof off during choir, or sing really quietly, Teresa singing off-tune because she doesn't bother to learn the harmony. Sad thing is, I love to sing. Sure, I don't have a star-worthy voice, but it's still one of my passions. While I'm trying really hard to find my harmony and stick to it, yet singing loud enough so that the tune can be heard without being obnoxious, those two aren't offering much support. I really hate it. They don't care. And when my teacher was saying how some people weren't giving 100% singing, Teresa goes, "I give 100%! P'chyeah!" and Gina bursts out laughing. (No joke, that was the sound Teresa made.) I know my teacher stuck me between them so that they might try a little harder, follow my example and all that, but the thing is, it doesn't work. They still don't try, since I'm a bit of a wallflower and not all that noticeable to them. The worst part is, I can't hear my section's harmony since they all sit a row behind me, so if I lose the harmony, I'm completely on my own.

I guess I'll just chin up and bear with it.

Topic two is just an apology from me. I haven't been visiting people's blogs and leaving comments as much as I used to. Partially it's because of schoolwork and other things that keep me busy. I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment as much, and I'm hoping I can do a little bit more sometime.

Along that same line, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who's carved out time to leave me comments on my little corner of cyberspace. Thank you all. (:

That is all.


  1. 1) ROTFLOL! That poster is hilarious!

    2) Aw, no worries. :) And I hope it all works out for you in choir.

    1. Thanks, Hilda. (: I saw that poster on Pinterest, my new favorite website for random nonsense and awesome hairdos.

  2. Aha love the Crocs one!
    And I completely understand your dilemma. Because I have always been one of the ones who, how to put this modestly, has got stuff going on in the Brain Department, teachers always put me in groups with stupid boys in an attempt fact I don't even know what they're trying to do! They have this mentality that if you put a clever sensible girl with some idiot boys it'll make the idiot boys clever. This just in: IT DOESN'T!!!
    Rant over.

    1. I. Agree. Completely. And then you end up having to do all the work, and since you didn't have much help with it, you end up with a bad grade and nobody's a happy camper, aye?

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the choir thing. I get that too, I am one of those persons are are out - going and sing sort loud, yet my teacher places me right on the end by the guys which don't like choir at all. They don't do anything, also I sit by a girl that doesn't like me, "Trish". She sings but I can't hear her at all an most of the time when we aren't singing she's talking with the person next to her, making me look even more weird because I'm just sitting there by the guys doing nothing; I look like an person with no one. I'm glad your here!
    Try really hard to ignore them because it will make you life more hard, and if it gets really bad then talk with your teacher and ask someone that to go up with you if you're uncomfortable doing it alone, maybe he'll talk to them. :)

    1. Thanks, for your advice Steph. Sorry that you sort of have to deal with this whole choir dilemma as well. (:

  4. *coughs nervously* I'm afraid I haven't been commenting on your blog either-- or even checking it regularly. Perhaps this is because I just got internet back yesterday, perhaps it's because I've been neglecting my friends. If the latter, I apologize for my incivility. If the former, I apologize for the awkward coincidence. And through this, you've commented more than enough on my blog-- thank you.

    But that doesn't mean stop.

    1. Yes, not having internet would certainly throw a wrench into normal plans. No worries, no hard feelings, though. Here, have a free invisible teddy bear as a gift.'re welcome.


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