I'd Rather Eat My Own Toes...

...than get my picture taken.

I hate getting my picture taken. So much. The camera people tell me to tilt my head one way, tip my chin this way, do the polka in between. It's just too much. And then I see my picture later and think: Oh my good gracious...I look ridiculous! Then I laugh at myself and put the picture in my closet, never to be seen again.

And since I wrote this post yesterday, it means that I have already gotten my pictures taken, but in reality, I have not since I am writing this right now, to be posted tomorrow. How's that for brain bender?

Alas, I must dash. I am hoping to get a little more history homework finished. Good golly...five things I need to do, each probably taking 10-15 minutes each.

That is all.


  1. I feel your pain. . . Cameras are evil. . .unless you're behind them. Then you get to take the evile photos of everyone else. *grinneths*

    -Kelsey who formerly went by Silence, but had to change that. *sigh*

    1. Eheheh, the wonders of being the photographer.

      "Now just tilt your head a little more! There! PERFECTION!" *snaps photo of person looking ridiculous*

      Silence was a very nice name. Sad that you had to change it. ):

  2. Very much so. Had to change blogs and Google posts my real name. *sighs* Until I figure out how to change that, but I'm probably too lazy to do so. I think I'll comment as Silence anyways. I like it too much.

    1. Why'd you have to change it? That's so sad! I like the name Silence, it sounds so mysterious :P

    2. Had to change my blogging website. Moved to Blogger, but it shows my real name. At least, till I figure out how to use technology and change that. I've decided I'm staying Silence in comments and the like, though. I like the name too much to change.

    3. Ah. Technology...why are you so difficult sometimes?!


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