Take Cover! It's A Toaster Oven!

Do not throw caution into the wind, my friends. There is something suspicious in the air today.

I'm warning you.

It's not normal. Something just isn't righ---EUGH!

*coughcough* S'cuse that outburst. I was just attacked by a monster of a toaster oven that seemed to have taken too many antidepressants. It was rather chipper (kept popping up toast at me and singing Live While We're Young). This toaster left me a piece of paper that was covered in *shudder* a mass amount of glitter. Oh, how I hate glitter. I suppose I really ought to read the message on this paper...

Dear readers, 
This note is for Seana, in case she forgot that she was going to do a contest during this post. Please thank the toaster oven for remembering to deliver this important announcement. (I hope the glitter worked.)
The Seana of the past

Well. That was unexpected. I'd forgotten that I'd sent that toaster through a time machine...

But enough of that. It is time for a contest.

As you can tell, I'm announcing a contest. Here's the details:

1. This is another writing contest. (Sorry for all of you artists, tech gurus, and zookeepers out there.)

2. To enter this contest, please send your entries to either a.) my email: seana.j.vixen@gmail.com OR send it via b.) a comment.

3. Your entires can be no longer than two pages (we can't have you writing novels here, or I'd need a new blog for that.)

4. The entries must be in by October 26, midnight. Meaning if you send me your entry at 12:00 P.M on the 26th, your entry will still count. Send it 12:01, however, your entry will not count and you will not be eligible for the prize, which is very sad.

5. The prize is a guest post, plus a blog button if you wish for one. If you just want the guest post, that works too. (:

And now, I shall tell you what you shall be writing if you so choose to enter.

It's fairly simple. Write about socks. (No, you can't just write "socks" over and over again. ^_^) You can write a story, write a how-to type thing (like I did Wednesday, which you can check out if you so choose by clicking here), or just write something totally off the top of your head.

What exactly am I looking for in this contest? Originality, effort, and perhaps a sprinkle humor. I love it when things are hilariously funny (I was never much for Shakespeare- or Grim Brothers-type stories). But if you find a way to create an inspirational story without it being funny, by all means, please do!

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! (:

That is all.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yes. The lovely sockos shall be the subject. (:

  2. LOL!! Socks. That's a good one. :)

  3. Oh, but Shakespeare is awesome! ;) You should try A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's a comedy. ;)

    And I'll try to write a story about socks for you! :)

    1. Ooh a Shakespearean comedy. This I must check out! (:

      I bet it'll be awesome. (:

  4. Is there a minimum of pages or words?

  5. Right then. Socks. Cool. I can do that. *sits down at computer and opens Word* *fingers hover over keys* Hmmm, come on! You can do it, fingies! WORK YOUR MAGIC! *fingers remain immobile* Well, all right then, you need to be warmed up. Fine. We'll, uhm, we'll just write down all the things we think of that connote the word "sock". Uhm, "pong", "smell", "gross", "old" and "stripey". Hmm. Challenge accepted.

    1. Hehe, sounds like you'll have fun writing about those sockos. xD.

  6. Socks, with its warm frontier. They keep your toes extra toasty. You feet warm and your ankles sweaty. They stink like a dirty gym locker if not washed properly, but a good alternate to pepper spray. It'll knock you off your feet if you have trouble sleeping. ;)

    That's all I got about socks.

  7. * meant "your" not you. Stupid retard R button!


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