You Know Everyone's Gone Hunger Games Crazy When...

There are a small stock of Katniss Barbies in some stores. It's insane, terrifying, and utterly odd. Barbie is known for being that doll with too much make-up and the odd feet that are always pointed, and then we have Katniss, the girl who almost got burned to death in the Hunger Games. Not exactly similar concepts here.

It's bad enough that people went out and made HG action figures (I might have done a post on those a while ago. Hunt around and you'll find it), but Barbies? Scary. Next thing you know, Gale and Peeta star as new Ken dolls....that's even more disturbing.

I'll leave you to enjoy this picture in all of it's non-existent glory.

The best part? There's a close-up version. Bahaha....

<3 Seana


  1. I want to know what's running through Jennifer Lawrence's mind with these Barbies being available, LOL.

    1. If it were me I'd be running around screaming, but I'm sure Jennifer had a more controlled reaction. I'll poke around the internet and see if I can find it...

  2. Poor Jennifer Lawrence! Can you imagine the horror...?? ~gasps frantically, somewhat like a dying fish, to show that I certainly can't!~

    1. Wouldn't it be scary if you saw your face on a Barbie doll when you were shopping? :O


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