Liebster Liebster Pumpkin Speedster

Alright, I admit it. That was a lame rhyme up there. But at least it told you what this post was about, yes?

That is correct.

It is once again time for...............


Bold, italics, underline...very fancy.

This award was given to me by Liam over from This Page Intentionally Left Blank. Thank you much Liam, but this "milady" business really ought to come to an end quite soon...

Since this award has last been thrown my way, it seems that the rules have been altered a tad. Strange how this happens. But let us continue and see if the rules were changed for better, or for worse. I'm betting on worse.

“The Liebster Award is for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Award winners share 11 facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who tagged them, come up with 11 of their own questions and tag 11 more bloggers with the award.”

Fewer than 200 followers: Check.
Being correct in assumption of the rules being changed for worse: Check.
Wondering who came up with all of these 11 rules: Check.

Since my to do list is completed, it is now time for the 11 Facts. Are you ready? Then hold on tight because this might be a bit rough because one of the facts involves my toes.


1. I have a really strange fear of both garden gnomes and those ventriloquist dummies. The garden gnomes simply because they're miniature bearded old men with rosy cheeks that sit in the garden and guard the tulips. The dummies have those shiny eyeballs that are overly large and stare at if it can see into the depths of your soul and knows all of those devious things you've done whether it be robbing a bank or smushing an innocent ant who was minding its own business before you came along and squashed the poor thing...but I digress.

I don't suppose I can turn that into two facts? ...No? Well that stinks.

2. I burned myself on a curling iron this morning. Such a crafty thing those are...strike you just when you're not looking...

3. If you ask me nicely, I might do my parrot imitation for you. But first you'll have to come find me. I will not tell you where I am. Think of it as a global version of hide-and-seek. Then again, I could actually be a extraterrestrial being who's come to haunt you, turning it into a universal edition of the game.

4. My eyes are brown.

5. I'm fascinated with books that involve the ocean. Not sure why. I also do enjoy books that have the concept of time in them as well. Now I really ought to find a book that takes place in the ocean and involves time travel...yeah.

6. I've always wondered what it would be like if you suddenly grew wings and could fly around. One day you're just minding your own business eating some greek yogurt, and then POOF! Instant flying mechanisms on your back.

7. I tend to get stumped about a little after halfway through these things. Perhaps now it is time for the toe fact?

8. This is the toe fact. (Does that count as a fact? ...I thought not. I shouldn't really get my hopes up too soon.) I have weirdly long toes. Most people that I know have only one knuckle per toe. Me, I have two knuckles per toe, excluding the big toe and pinky toe.

9. Now you are probably all visualizing my toes. Lovely mental image, isn't it?

10. I woke up this morning to the sounds of, "Friskiessssss, feed the senses!" My dearest brother was watching the TV and this commercial was on. He seemed to be jamming along to it, which scares me slightly.

11. I am not looking forward to all the editing I have to do to both Melody's Song and Being Me is Harder Than it Looks because I have a lot of ideas that would help those both tremendously.

I am done with the facts. Ahhh....sweet relief. Wait..what's this?! I FORGOT THE QUESTIONS?! Noo! Oh the horror...well. Let's get on with it.

  1. What is the best book you ever read containing the concept of time travel, and what made it so good?  Was it the time travel or something else? Well...perhaps it was Nick of Time by Ted Bell. It wasn't the time travel that made it so good, I'd say it was the characters. They had nice dialogue and they added different aspects to the plot.
  2. What is the longest and strangest sounding word you can think of on short notice?  (No Googling.) Constantinople. Or perhaps Surreptitiously. Either or.
  3. What are three expressions you commonly use that originated in Shakespeare?  (You can Google for this if you need to, I suppose.) Alas, dead as a doornail, good riddance. Shakespearean language is quite fun.
  4. What is your opinion on the theory that people brush their teeth in opposite rotation directions based on the hemisphere they live in?  (Bonus points if you reference the Coriolis Effect– even more if you actually know what it is.) No bonus points for me. v_v Alas, that is most tragic. But my opinion on this theory is that I disagree. Simply because I don't even rotate my toothbrush when I brush, I just scrub back and forth. I really do doubt that people brush their teeth in opposite rotations based on their hemisphere. Sure, toilet water does that, but toothbrushes? Probably not.
  5. What type of humor do you appreciate most in fiction: humorous dialogue, funny descriptions, funny character histories, satire in the narrative, etc….?  Add your own if you wish. Humorous dialogue, definitely. When the characters speak, they show you their personality, and often when you put a serious person with a really eccentric one, the end result is hilarious.
  6. What’s your favorite key on the keyboard?  (You know you have one.  Don’t even try to bluff it out.) Erm....I have no idea. Perhaps if I heard it I would be able to decide, but I honestly cannot place a finger on a favorite.
  7. What’s your least favorite key on the keyboard?  [Insert above parenthetical here.] Hmm....E Minor. Very sad.
  8. If you could shoot one historical personage, who?  (Excluding anyone who has been assassinated already.  Duh.) Shoot a historical personage...hmm...I haven't the slightest idea. I'm not exactly the top-notch murderer in town. I wonder what people would do if I shot Shakespeare...most likely I would receive heaps of hate mail. :'] So let's do it.
  9. If you could shoot one fictional character– even to spite someone who will shoot them later in the book, and whether or not there is a weapon that can actually shoot in their time period or setting– who?  (No restrictions, except that you cannot describe the death in all its gory detail.) What?! You dare take away my right to describe the death in all its gory detail?! That is unbelievably cruel. How about we do away with Bobby Pendragon, hmm? Yes, I do believe this would upset his enemy and give me a little revenge on the pest.
  10. As we reach the penultimate question, what springs into your head when you hear “penultimate”?  The ultimate pen, translated badly from French (where, as everyone knows, all the words are in the wrong order)?  A penalty mate– a friend who is only stuck with you when you do something really really bad?  Something else?  (The only restriction is that you cannot say the actual definition of the word.) Penultimate...that really sounds to me like someone with a strange accent trying to say, "It's a penalty, mate!" As if you and this person are at a sports game and they're grabbing you and jumping up and down excitedly screaming that phrase. Obviously that is not the definition of the word. But that would be cool, no?
  11. If you could capture a single creature out of any myth created by man at least a hundred years before the present year, which would you choose?  (Do not go into detail.  I’m not giving writing prompts; I’m giving questions for you to answer.  If you want to take these as writing prompts, do so by all means– I will claim royalties.  Oh, and do not say you’d catch a unicorn.  Just don’t.) Liam, you're really testing me here. How dare you take away my right to catch unicorns! *glares at Liam* Fine. Instead, I shall catch the Loch Ness Monster. The poor thing is so misunderstood...I'll bet it only wants a nice cuddly stuffed sheep and few hamburgers to keep it company.
Those were long questions. Now answer mine.

1. If you could be any sea-dwelling creature, which one would you be?
2. If you could do a little cutting and pasting to your life, what fictional character would you kidnap into your life?
3. Do you have weird toes?
4. If I told you that you could win a lifetimes supply of air, what would you do?
5. What is the first thing you think of whenever you see a Snuggie?
6. Which do you prefer: Origami swans or clay potter ducks?
7. Did it ever strike you that maybe, just maybe, that weird neighbor next door might actually be someone from an alternate dimension and is planning on saving the world?
8. What is the weirdest thing on your bucket list you want to accomplish? (For me, it's going skydiving with a giant rubber ducky while singing the Canadian anthem in Spanish. Just for the fun of it.)
9. Have you ever tried to microwave a teddy bear?
10. Why is it that we say "Liar, liar, pants on fire" when in reality, their pants are not aflame?
11. What is a weird home remedy you use?

For my eleven nominees, I'll just say that the first 11 to leave comments can choose whether or not to do this award.

<3 Seana


  1. I'm not doing this again because I just gave this to you. So there.

    For the heck of it: Yes, milady.

    By the way, E minor is not a key on the keyboard. I meant the computer keyboard, if that helps anything.

    1. I won't force you to, don't worry. I'm in a good mood.

      You don't plan on getting over that do you...

      You did not specify! Unfair. *glares again at Liam* I suppose if I had to choose, I've always liked the Z key. The Q key has always caused me grief.

    2. As will I be until someone sticks another award on my back.

      No, milady.

      Indeed... I always press G instead of Q, and when I'm writing quickly that gets annoying.

    3. It does. Because if you are trying to make the duck go quack, it wouldn't do to have it go guack instead.


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