I Chugged Tea (Hurray For Me)

Yep. I did chug tea today. Why? Sore throat. Horrible thing to have, you know. I sound like a frog that hung out in a microwave for a while before hopping into a blender. Don't ask how I know what that sounds like...some things are just better left unsaid, aye?

So when I have a sore throat, my three things to do are: Don't talk unless it's a dire situation, chug tea like it's your job, eat chicken soup. The chicken soup part wasn't so bad, but the chugging of tea? Simply revolting. I've never liked tea. I've always found it to be rather gross...but alas, you gotta do what you gotta do to defeat the curse of a sore throat.

I've also heard that you can eat marshmallows as a home remedy to get rid of a sore throat...at least this is a better option than the salt water remedy. Eugh. I tried that trick with gargling salt water, and let me tell you, it was worse than a sore throat. It was like slurping an ocean, swirling it around, and then spitting it out in a mini waterfall that cascaded into the sink below. Bad mental image.

That is all. I shall not bore you any longer with my complaints and whatnot.

<3 Seana


  1. I agree with you on the salt water. Quite revolting.
    Supposedly drinking lemon juice is good for sore throats. I've never tried it because, frankly, I don't like lemon juice. But anything citrus-y is supposed to help.

    1. Hmm...lemon juice. I shall keep that in mind if I can find some lemon juice. At least lemons taste better than salt anyway...

      Thanks for your help!


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