Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Ninja Wabbits

A hand reached into a coat pocket and pulled out a vile of green liquid. Slowly and tentatively, the hand squeezed out a few shining droplets onto a pile of tough, yellow grass in the center of a clearing in the woods. The figure nodded in satisfaction and then ducked back into the shadows, satisfied with the work that had been done. Now all that was left to do was wait.


Seana tugged down her plaid red hat with the floppy ears and crouched behind a bush, her lasso tucked neatly into a leather belt intertwined at her waist. She was ready. Ready for the horrors that might break the glassy quiet and step out from whatever nooks and crannies they were hiding in. A soft breeze blew through the half-eaten leaves that concealed Seana's hiding place, and she shuffled closer to the ground to avoid the prickly thorns on the bush that were swinging wildly in the wind.

Suddenly a rustle of dried grasses made her ears prick up. She didn't move her head, but tilted her eyeballs toward the noise, hoping to remain undetected.

More rustling.

Then, bounding out from behind the hollow juniper tree came...

A bunny.

Wearing a black spandex bodysuit.

Holding a pair of nunchucks and swinging a sword in a large arc, creating a whistle through the air.

"No! How could I have been so silly to think that I could catch this creature unawares?" Seana grumbled to herself, unhooking the lasso from its place on her belt and disentangling her ankles from it where the wind had decided to have a little fun.

She then swung the lasso around her head a few times, the soft whirring sounds echoing across the woody clearing, shattering the utter silence that had descended once the rabbit had sheathed its sword. She was hoping to capture the creature and perhaps give it a good home in the zoo since it was causing the natural flora and fauna quite a bit of grief the past few weeks. All of the local townsfolk asked her for her help (her services for abominable snowman, pegasus, dragon, and blue hippo tips, sightings, and captures were well-known) and she obliged, thinking of it as another chance to create a list of ways for ordinary folk to take care of nuisances as well, in a civilized manner.

The bunny didn't seem to sense her movement (obvious as it was), but decided to use its time to nibble on the tough grass at its feet. What it did not know was that the vile of liquid Seana had squeezed there earlier was a sleeping potion, designed to knock out a grown man with just a few drops, would soon take effect after the first bite.

The rabbit swallowed its mouthful and sighed contentedly. Free food, clean air, and a blood-free sword. What more could it ask for? Its eyelids drooped dangerously after only a few moments of chomping through the grass that had been laid out. Then its eyelids drooped once more, and this time it slumped over in a deep sleep.

Seana seized her chance and ducked over to where the rabbit was dozing, her lasso once again tucked into her belt. She'd only taken it as a precaution in case the sleep potion was ineffective.

She reached out to gently pick up the snoozing creature when it stirred. Not much of a movement, just a flick of its poofy tail, but it was a movement. Seana nearly let out a shriek, but managed to turn it into a strangled choking sound instead, which wasn't much better.

Gathering her courage once more, she reached out to the creature, hoping that it wouldn't stir again.

It didn't.

It did something worse.

It opened its eyes, leaped into the air and swung its sword in another arc, this time aimed for the unarmed Seana.


Yeah. Not really sure what to say about that little ninja rabbit story. I'm not even sure how I'm going to finish it...I might feel like finishing it later this week, or not. But if you want to, finish the story for me. It won't be a contest since I've already got one of those going on and two would be just in insane hassle.

The choice is yours.

Deal, or no deal? (Ehh...random television reference there...)

<3 Seana


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