Birthday Greetings

No, it is not my birthday. Although, if it was, that would be cool. No, today I'm here to heave a shout-out to the lovely.....


(Yes, the bold, italics, and underlines were necessary. She's just that awesome.)
Happy Old People Day, July! I congratulate you on another orbit around the sun (did you enjoy the trip?) and hope that your birthday is as awesome as apple pie and ice cream with a double drizzle of caramel and a dab of whipped cream on the side! I suppose I ought to have mailed you your present, but I thought I'd drag the suspense out longer, just for the sheer fun-ness of it all. Bahaha. Not to worry, I will try to ensure you reach it before the end of summertime. But enough of all that.

Happy birthday again my friend! Go out and do something fun. Eat some chocolate. Hug a tree. Swim with some penguins at the zoo. Whatever suits your fancy. (Except, I'm not sure the zookeepers will allow you to do that last idea. But who knows?) As a bonus birthday gift, I shall leave you to enjoy this picture in all it's splendor and glory:

Love you appropriately, my dear! :D
<3 Seana


  1. 'ello, Seana! Just to elt you know that i have nominated you for Emily's new award, The Toujou Blogger. You can read the rules and stuff on my post. Salut (:


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